Last Night for Dinner

Scoville Hot Pepper Salt – WARM
Store bought Udon noodles, microwaved for 90 seconds, add a touch of olive oil and butter, sprinkled with Scoville Hot Pepper Salt (warm) – very interesting taste!

Beef (flank steak), broccoli, and noodle casserole with sesame oil and Scoville Salt (warm) – the Scoville Salt helped make the broccoli and meat stand out.

Mozzarella cheese sticks (fried or fresh), had a Scoville Warm grinder so cracked some on a plate, then just dipped the sticks in the blend with each bite – great app!

Always like to spice up my soup, added Scoville Hot Pepper to my Campbell’s tomato soup and it did the trick!

I am a hamburger lover, Red Robin is my go-to choice, great to add Scoville Warm to my Royal Burger!

Pork tenderloin is one of our go to favorite meals – experienced a new amazing taste by adding Scoville Warm to it!

Who would ever think a Subway turkey sandwich could be so good, just add some Scoville Warm to it!

Scoville Hot Pepper Salt – HOT
Dominos pizza with the hot stuff, even dabbed some knots in it for an extra bite of flavor.

Penn Station cheesesteak, extra cheese, even sprinkle of SH on top!

Scoville Hot Pepper Salt – SCORCHING
Baked chicken breast, cut up in cubes, dashed some scorching on it to really heat it up.

Cool Autumn football Sunday, pulled out the Hormel chili, topped off with some shredded cheese, sprinkled some Scorching on top – now that’s Hot Chili from a can that’s better than homemade.

Maryland Scoville Hot Pepper Salt
Fish sandwich from our nearby Captain’s D, livened it up a bit with some Maryland.

If you love crab imperial you must try Maryland Scoville on it, a light sprinkle on top after cooking is the perfect topper!

Chunky Apple Habanero
Pork chops for dinner, Chunky Apple is a great way to give it a new twist.

Bagel, cream cheese, and sprinkle on that chunky apple habanero!

Spiced up my guacamole with chunky apple habanero and my party guests couldn’t get enough of it!

Corn, corn on the cob, mashed corn, any corn, I love corn, but now I am over the top with my corn now that I have found chunky apple habanero to put on it!

Ultimate Blast

Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi, put a firm layer of Ultimate on top and turned a $5 meal into something that costs $20.

Try this on microwave popcorn – fantastic snack.

Surprise, surprise! I put Ultimate on my egg and hash brown casserole for breakfast and my family can’t stop talking about it!

Bought some Shephard’s Pie at Costco and livened it up a bit with some Ultimate – amazing blend of flavors!

I made sausage, potato, and kale soup for the family last night and added Ultimate Food Blast to it. Homerun for mom, “my daughter licked the bowl”!

Grab a baguette and olive oil, skip adding regular ground pepper and instead add Ultimate, much heartier flavor!

Didn’t see this one coming!  Had snapper last night and decided to sprinkle on some Ultimate, amazing!

Ultimate Blast favorite – grilled chicken, squash and zucchini… absolutely delicious!

Make a sandwich that is beyond description, added Ultimate to my grilled cheese and was sensational!

Spud Blast
No more regular French fries from Wendy’s for me, sprinkle Spud Blast on them and it’s a whole new game.

Popcorn is my comfort food, Spud Blast is an amazing flavor booster with rich buttery and cheese taste.

Cauliflower with Spud Blast, gotta try it!

Steak Blast
Turkey burgers with some Steak Blast will surprise you!

Cheesesteak lovers this is for you – sprinkle Steak Blast on your cheesesteak while the cheese is still melting and experience the flavor!