Our Story

I’m a Philly boy, born and raised.  Rocky, Vince Papale, Broad Street Bullies… to most people these are just characters.  To us it’s a way of life, an attitude, our values.  It is the spirit of Hot Iron Pantry and our mission to be a seasoning and spice company people admire.  It all began in 2013 when a friend of mine challenged me on who could make better ribs – just classic beer bantering on the back patio while BBQing.  Not sure who made the better ribs that day but what did happen is that I got hooked on competing with food.  Most my life I have enjoyed spending time in the kitchen cooking for friends and family but that gritty sense of competing was my calling.  

My first punch to the chin happened right from the start.  There was a local BBQ competition that I decided to enter and I finished dead last in almost all the KCBS categories – tough beginnings.  Undeterred I continued tinkering, sampling, experimenting, just about everything I could do to learn the secrets of mastering BBQ techniques.  More competitions ensued, more losses piled up, but progressively I was honing my craft.  A third-place finish for a dessert entry in a competition several years down the road and I knew I was on the right path, and I learned the importance of staying “tough”.

If you ever attended a BBQ competition you may have seen me. I am the one that the other teams call “hobo town” as my camp set up looks like a tent city.  I am the classic underdog that doesn’t have much but does have a passion for winning.  What matters to me more than being able to have a shiny trailer and fancy BBQ equipment is having the respect from the best-of-the-best BBQ competitors from around the country.  More than a decade later that respect was earned; multiple top ten calls in all four meat categories (8 for ribs, 7 for chicken 4 for pork, 4 for brisket), multiple perfect scores in the “Chef’s Choice” and dessert categories (16 top ten finishes in Chef’s Choice, 13 top ten in dessert), and two top ten overall awards against the best of the best. It has been a tough and grueling road to have earned these achievements but worth it every step of the way.

For the past several years I have had a strong desire to continue my journey and share my creations more broadly. I have dabbled in catering and have contemplated a restaurant (in the works), but the appeal of establishing a seasoning and spice company is what captured my imagination the most.  Fast forward and I have achieved my dream – the creation of the Hot Iron Pantry.  I think you will truly enjoy what Hot Iron Pantry has to offer and invite you to try our products!

That’s the Hot Iron Pantry story and why we chose our name… to be the best, and to offer truly great products, to be tough like iron, to be Hot “Iron” Pantry!


Our Products

Hot Iron Pantry products have been forged by 1,000’s of hours of experimentation and practice. To be truly unique and remarkably outstanding takes determination and skill.  It is from this approach that we have learned the central most important element to creating great food – it’s the seasonings and spices that make the dish!  You can buy the best of quality of meats, chicken, etc., and you can cook it to exact specifications, but without the precise seasonings or spices making the perfect dish can be elusive.  Look no further than Hot Iron Pantry products to complete “your perfect food creation”!

Our one-of-a-kind line-up includes:

Scoville Hot Pepper Salts™

On every table is some salt and pepper and it is just boring.  To create award winning dishes, you need a secret recipe, and it starts with reimagining those salt and pepper shakers (we learned this the hard way by failing in so many competitions).  Google “hot pepper salt” and look at the results – disappointing! Mostly a case of taking one hot pepper and mixing salt in it and that’s about it.  We saw an opportunity here to be different.  Take unique blends of hot peppers and combine with salt to create the unexpected.  We loved these spice blends so much we decided to trademark the ScovilleHotPepper™ Salts name and have it as the marquee product for our new venture.  The secret to being a great cook? Use secret ingredients. Dare to be different

Scoville Hot Pepper Salt – Warm: Coarse salt blended with classic jalapeno, ancho, and after glow space chili (like cayenne but sweeter); excellent for warming up any dish!

Scoville Hot Pepper Salt – Hot: Coarse salt blended with thai, habanero, and pequin peppers; the “original Scoville Salt” that adds a nice kick of heat and flavor!

Scoville Hot Pepper Salt – Scorching: Coarse salt blended with Carolina reaper, scorpion, and bhut jolokia chocolate ghost flakes; this is serious heat for the true heat lover that wants to sweat with every bite.  Extremely HOT and needs to be used with extreme caution!! 

Maryland Scoville Hot Pepper Salt: Coarse salt blended with thai, habanero, jalapeno, and Bay seasoning; a taste that will surprise you and make any seafood sizzle!

*** Our Scoville Hot Pepper Salts contain a hearty blend of hot pepper flakes! Bigger flakes can create bigger taste and heat sensations so if big flakes are not in your wheelhouse, we recommend that you purchase our Scoville Hot Pepper Salts with a grinder cap! ***


Our Blasts are perfect for transforming every day meals into a restaurant experience.  Want a new twist on vegetables? Revive a basic potato into a delicacy? Make your steaks the envy of a chop house? No problem!  These true one-of-a-kind seasonings can make any cook create great tasting meals.

Ultimate Blast: It is the ultimate! This stuff goes great on just about anything for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Originally designed to liven up pizza and Italian foods, we quickly found how versatile Ultimate Blast is by using it on sausage, turkey, eggs, sandwiches, and many other creations.  Use your imagination and explore a new frontier in taste!

Spud Blast: Pick a potato (baked, skillet, fried, frozen, fresh, whatever) and you will never eat a potato the same way again!  Talk about even making fast food French fries taste amazing, this stuff will not disappoint!

Steak Blast: The backyard griller’s dream come true, make any meat the envy of a top-shelf restaurant, apply before, during, or after cooking and watch the flavor just melt into the meat! If you were never sure how a great steak house creates its magic, now you know one of the ways it is done.


After 15 years on the BBQ circuit we learned a few things…  Anyone can buy good meats, chicken, pork, etc., most can stay up all night smoking them, but only a few masters have perfected the art of creating the truly great rub.  To be honest we had to learn from the school of hard knocks.  Countless times we ended up on the losing side of the competitions but with perseverance and trial and error we discovered a winning formula that earned us respect on the BBQ circuit, and we are extremely proud of the awards we have won over the years.

Containers and Sizeswhat you see on the label is the net weight of the product.  Our containers are generally 3oz and 7oz in size.

Excite Your Taste