Blasts Gift Box



This Gift Box includes:

7oz Sift & Pour – Ultimate Blast – It is the ultimate! This stuff goes great on just about anything for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

7oz Sift & Pour -Spud Blast – Pick a potato (baked, skillet, fried, frozen, fresh, whatever) and you will never eat a potato the same way again! Talk about even making fast food French fries taste amazing, this stuff will not disappoint!

7oz Sift & Pour -Steak Blast – The backyard griller’s dream come true, make any meat the envy of a top-shelf restaurant, apply before, during, or after cooking and watch the flavor just melt into the meat! If you were never sure how a great steak house creates its magic, now you know one of the ways it is done.

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Weight 1 kg